The Parish of St. Thomas, Werneth


Welcome to the home page of St. Thomas' Church, Werneth - on the Coppice.

St. Thomas' is one of many parish churches in the Church of England. It is part of the Diocese of Manchester.

It is a Grade II listed building.

Church Services

The church building is open for Sunday Services.

New Arrangements from 19 July You may be aware that there are new freedoms from Covid-19. . .

We are aiming to keep our Sunday morning arrangements as safe as possibly, given local Covid-19 rates, by keeping our existing procedures in place.

Please note:

  • We strongly encourage you, as an expression of Christian respect and love for others, to continue to wear a face mask during church Services (unless you have a medical or psychological reason not to do so).
  • We are now going to start singing (quietly, with masks) one hymn each service, plus the sung liturgy at Holy Communion.
  • You are now allowed to sit next to others. But please only sit next to other people where you have arranged this in advance.
  • We will continue to offer the bread, only, at Holy Communion.
  • Signing in is NOT compulsory.
  • Feel free to chat outdoors, after the service!
  • Full details can be found in our revised Risk Assessment

The Notices

  • The midweek service of Holy Communion takes place every Wednesday at 10:30 am. All welcome.
  • English Classes have now finished for the Summer. They will restart in September - hopefully indoors!
  • Many thanks to Najib and Jawad for their work on the drains last week! If you have any room in your car (if you have one) or your black bin, please take some left overs (pipes, or a piece or two of tarmac) home to put in your black bin.
  • Thank you to those who helped work on the church grounds last week!
  • The Farsi/ Dari Discussion Group takes place outside St. Thomas' at 3pm on a Thursday. All welcome. The course includes preparation for Baptism and Confirmation. This week we are gardening at 1pm.
  • WalkWeather permitting, we hope to organise a walk, on Sunday 15 August, after Church. We encourage you to buy a First Day, but can help with the costs if needed.
  • PicnicWeather permitting, we hope to organise a picnic, with St. Paul's church members, on Sunday 29 August, after Church, in Alexandra Park.
  • Church Collection As usual we cannot have a collection in church. Church funds continue to be low! Please feel free to leave a collection on the plate as you leave church. Thank you for your generosity.

News from our Charities


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Sunday 25 July 2021
10:30 am 8th Sunday after Trinity Morning Prayer St. Thomas' Church
Wednesday 28 July 2021
10:30 am Holy Commmunion (Book of Common Prayer) St. Thomas' Church
Sunday 1 August 2021
10:30 am 9th Sunday after Trinity Holy Communion St. Thomas' Church
Wednesday 4 August 2021
10:30 am Holy Commmunion (Book of Common Prayer) St. Thomas' Church

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