Hire of St. Thomas' Church

St. Thomas' Church is available for hire on a regular basis.


Because the building is a church, it cannot be used for:

  1. non Christian acts of worship;
  2. parties involving alcohol(?)
  3. events ending after 10:00 pm - we don't want to disturb those who live nearby.


  1. our kitchen is not big enough to cook food. But you are welcome to serve pre-cooked food from the kitchen.
  2. please take your rubbish home with you.
  3. Crockery (plates, dishes, mugs) and cutlery (knives, forks, spoons), tables and chairs are available
  4. Please do not rearrange furniture, other than chairs and tables, without permission.
  5. If children are attending your activities, and they are not supervised by their parents, you must ensure that there are always two adults present.
  6. Please do not stick blue-tack or sellotape or equivalent on the walls and stonework. It's hard to remove and looks tatty afterwards!
  7. Please use the accident book to record any accidents, and let Nick know.
  8. The First Aid kit is located in the kitchen drawer.


We are keen subsidise both groups which offer community benefit, and also groups which use the church regularly.

Regular Community Group

£50 for the first 3 hours
£15 for each subsequent hour or part thereof