The Parish of St. Thomas, Werneth

Records and Registers

Are you trying to trace an ancestor? Trying to conduct research into your family's history? Or just interested in genealogy?

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Note that most of our records and registers relate to the parish - a specific geographical area within Oldham. Click here for a map of the parish

Note that some of these registers have now been digitized. Click here to search them at

Held in Manchester Central Library:

This information is held in Manchester City Council Archives and Local History.

  • Baptisms 1845-1925 (MFPR 2158)
  • Baptisms 1925-1942 (Archives GB127.L219)
  • Baptisms 1942-1965
  • Marriages 1856-1872 (MFPR 2158)
  • Marriages 1872-1910 (MFPR 2159)
  • Marriages 1910-1945
  • Marriages 1945-1973
  • Banns of Marriage 1930-1962?
  • Confirmations 1904-1991
  • Preachers' Books & Registers of Services 1879-1986
  • Parish Magzines 1883-1921
  • List of Gifts to Church & Record of Events 1860-1964
  • Churchwardens' Accounts 1928-1987
  • Annual Vestry Meeting Minutes 1880-1981
  • Parochial Church Council Minutes 1920-1950
  • Official Parochial Register 1900-1909
  • Sunday School Teacher's Minutes 1913-1932
  • School Managers' Minutes 1873-1903
  • School Managers' Cash Book 1878-1905 (This is cut and pasted from the listing at Greater Manchester Lives .)

Held in Oldham Local Studies and Archives: Parish Records:

  • Baptisms (Bishop's Transcripts) 1847-1854

(This is cut and pasted from the listing at Oldham Council Local Studies and Archives.)

Held in St. Thomas' Church

Other, more recent records are likley to be held in the parish.

Please Contact the church to make an appointment or enquiry.

Please ensure that you have read the above information before making an enquiry.

If your enquiry relates to a more recent date, you will need to give the approximate date of a baptism.

War Memorials

The church has War Memorials. Follow the links to find photographs out more:


The fee for a copy of a Baptism Certificate is £16 (2022). From May 2021, Church of England Parishes are no longer allowed to issue Marriage Certificates. Instead you must apply to Oldham Council Registrar.

All fees are set nationally by the Church of England.