St Thomas, Werneth


Mission Action Plan

This page contains the parish Aims and Objectives.

  • Reorder the building to enhance its use, and to achieve (Main aim):
    • Improved wellbeing of people who live in the area, and congregation members.
    • A building whose heritage is acessible to more people, so that they can gain a better appreciation of the Christian faith.
    • More flexible worship
    • Witness to and engagement with the local community
    • Stronger relationships with other faiths.
    • Sustainability
  • Support the growth of Farsi-speaking and other congregation members in faith and ministry, both within the church and outside.
    • Encourage new people into ministry in the church, and a sense of belonging to it:
      role \\ our responserecruittrainsupport
      Deputy WardensX
      Sunday School Assistants (2)XXX
      PCC Members (5)XX
      Money Counters (1)XX
      Interceders (1)XXX
      Cleaners (2)XXX
      Coffee Servers (6)XX
      Sacristan (1)X
      Gardeners (?)??X
      Communion Assistants (1)XXX
      First Aiders (5)XXX
      School Governors (1)XX
    • Continue to support Farsi-speakers in their journey of faith, through:
      • Farsi Discussion Group
      • Provision of 10 copies of "Shagherd" (Disciple)
      • bi-lingual Farsi-English liturgy and music
    • Encourage 5 congregation members to attend Foundations For Ministry, to help them discern their ministry, and broaden their understanding of the Church of England and British culture
    • Encourage the children to participate in the 2nd Sunday All-Age Service
    • Encourage people to look out for each other, and provide pastoral support to each other.
    • Strengthen the lines of communication so as better to ensure that those in need receive pastoral support.
  • Develop our working relationship with St. Paul's, Oldham, and other local churches and denominations in Mission and Ministry.
    (a) As a Mission Partnership - see our Mission Partnership Action Plan for more information.
    (b) As a Mission Unit.
  • Support and develop our partnership with local schools in service of the community, and especially with St. Thomas' CE Primary School.
    Work with them to submit a funding application and develop the building as a centre for community support.
  • Support Christian Missionary Societies and Development Agencies at home and abroad.
    • Kimbilio - through occasional visits from Kimbilio staff.
    • LifeShare - through our Harvest Collection
    • The Children's Society - through boxes, and the Christingle Service.
    • Interserve / The Whethams - through visits when they return home
    • Word of Life - through annual purchase of calendars
    • Additional Curates Society