The Parish of St. Thomas, Werneth

Agenda for PCC Meeting
7:00 pm Thursday 5 October 2023

Welcome and Prayers



Minutes of the Last Meeting

Correct record?

Matters Arising,

to include To Do List and Quinquennial Tasks


Vicar's Update

Sung liturgy

Any feedback about the sung music that we've been using on a Sunday morning for the last few months?



Agnus Dei

Kyrie Eleison


Graham and Nick have had a conversation. To acheive Bronze for "Lifestyle" we have the following options:

☀ Sunday School produce a Communal Christmas Card

☀ We encourage church members to share what they do to protect the environment at a particular season of the year (e.g. Lent) instead of the sermon

☀ Have an annual survey - "How do you come to church?" inviting people to say: walking; public transport; driving; or getting a lift in a car.

☀ Put a link on the website, about the time we do the church Carbon Neutral Audit, inviting people to do an audit of their lifestyle for (a) environmental friendliness; (b) carbon usage. Gina proposes Climate Hero

☀ Encourage church members to share home-cooked recipes.

Purchase of arm chairs for the church

  • quotes to be found



Use of Church

  1. Julie Stones ran Holiday Activities during the Summer: 24th July to 18 August. 10 am - 2 pm.
  2. The Camara Club has given three months' notice of finishing.
  3. South Asian Women Network have started "Chai and Chat".
  4. St. Thomas' School Parents are starting a monthly Monday morning session. We hope that regular activities will emerge from this.
  5. We've received a grant from Migrant Help for the English Class.


Current Groups  Receipts   Notes
Xanadu Dance Troupe£3,000
HAF Holiday Club£1,000
English Classes£800
Camera Club£0(three months' notice of finishing has been given)
Hulme Infants£0(possibly now finished)
Brethren in Christ Church£2,500
South Asian Women£2,000
Private social activities£500(potential for growth)


Mission Community


We need to set/note the following dates:

  • Date of next meeting.

Any Other Business

Future Agenda Items

  • Eco Church (tackle the one remaining section)
  • Church Porch