Agenda for PCC Meeting
7:00 pm Thursday 4 July 2024

Welcome and Prayers



Minutes of the Last Meeting

Correct record?

Matters Arising,

to include To Do List and be aware of the outstanding Quinquennial Tasks


Parish Share

Proposal from the Diocese which must be accepted (or not) verbatim:

This Council accepts the Parish Share requests for 2024-2026 which were agreed at the Discussion and Agreement meeting on Tuesday 11th June 2024 as follows:

2024: £9,000

2025: £9,450

2026: £9,922

This Council will make its best endeavours to pay these agreed amounts and should we anticipate a shortfall, we will notify the MDBF Finance Team immediately. Similarly, if we anticipate finishing with a surplus in any of the agreed years, we will consider whether some or all of this can be contributed to Parish Share as an additional payment.

Vicar's Update

  • Contactless Payments at St. Paul's
  • Zahra and Richard's first communion and preach as Priest and Deacon!

Pointing & Stonework

The PCC is happy for Nick to apply for a grant for £10,000 from the Diocese (Minor Repairs). If successful, this would make our total £33,505. Nick to speak to Carl to see what part of the work is best tackled first - maybe the porch and baptistry? Perhaps a small funding push afterwards, to see if we can increase that by a little.

Offertory (Zahra)

How can we save the embarrassment of the asylum seekers who have no money, while at the same acknowledging what they give to the church?



We need to agree the Parish Safeguarding Action Plan

Use of Church


Current Groups ReceiptsNotes
Xanadu Dance Troupe£2,750
English Classes
Brethren in Christ Church£2,500
South Asian Women's Network£2,000
Martial Arts£1,000
Private social activities£(this is not something we are considering any more)


Mission Community

Health and Safety

  • Accident Book


We need to set/note the following dates:

  • Date of next meeting.

Any Other Business

Future Agenda Items

  • Eco Church (next steps)
  • Church Porch
  • What to do about trees in the grounds (a) felling the hawthorns; (b) replacing the hawthorns (bush or tree or both?)