Outstanding Tasks

P - additional proposal.

N - new task.

cross off - completed between meetings.

taskwho?next actions
toilet twinningNick / Kathynicer pictures to be sourced.
Toys for Toddlers+ We need a system for getting them out on a Sunday morning
Contact Ian Harvey from KimbilioNickPlan a visit
church websiteNickupdate it (ongoing)
Church Gates Graham (i) WAITING for Carl to submit plans
(ii) quotations;
(iii) faculty application with architect's plans;
(iv) apply for a grant (Awards For All).
Church Wall Graham Railings to be completed.
S. Transept Graham repair flashing on S. Transept. (£400)
Jason ElectricianNick+ pull-chord mechanism needs to be assessed and/or replaced.
Church Stepladder Graham store in the Cellar.
increase storage capacity in the church Nick / Graham + investigate putting shelving into Vestry Cupboards;
+ use Organ Chamber for occasional storage - suggestions?
+ consider wether the S. Transept Cupboards can be improved on, e.g. with a new cupboard?
+ support Stitch & Share in moving equipment to St. Paul's;
+ dispose of Choir Robes to other churches.
+ clear unwanted stuff from boiler cellar;
+ move tools from porch to cellar, where possible.
Clarification of Sunday roles, and recruitment-operating technology; sidesperson; deputy warden; money counters.
Eco Church
Church Grounds
Graham+ cement in the wooden bench, and see what happens.
+ making grounds hedgehog friendly (leaves, logs, boxes?)
+ come up with a plan for low-lying plants - adjacent to perimeter wall?
+ contact College for a possible project?
+ put together a management plan
+ fruit bushes?
+ Contact Oldham Council about planting trees.
Smarten up Choir Vestry and/or Vicar's VestryGraham(i) repaint the cream with a slightly lighter magnolia;
(ii) rip out carpet;
(iii) sand and stain the floor in a colour to match the church floor;
Bank AccountJanetMercy Ekhouseuhi to be added as signatory to Current Account.
Draft exclusionWAITING+ Carl to get advice about whether simple boards or fabric to reduce drafts would damage organ
Church FloorWAITINGfor report from Junckers about how to resolve the floor crack.
Church HeatingWAITINGfor Carl to contact Saddleworth Heating about relocating the stats in (a) kitchen; (b) S. Transept; (c) Chancel
Repainting Porch DoorNICK / GRAHAM+ waiting for Michael Moran to complete work.
SafeguardingNick+ print 5 copies of poster for Safeguarding.
RH Cupboard from main entrance-Michael Moran to put in ventilation holes.
Church Bookings
Repair of S. Aisle Ceiling
after Repointing
Revisit Church Lighting

Stonework and Pointing

Total project cost: £173,871 £165,689.91 (fabric) £21,890 £20,711.24 (fees). £195,761 £186,401.15 This assumes a 10% uplift on the provided quotations.

received    applied for    to be applied for         source
£2,405local donations
£5,000from reserves
£600Duchy of Lancaster Benevolent Fund
£500Primrose Bank Community Fund
£15,000Church Building Fund (Manchester Diocese) BUT we may use it as 3rd Party Payment
£36,000VAT Reclaim

Setting Up

  1. waiting to receive Faculty (chased up again on 7.11.23 and 26.11.23 and 11.12.23 to warn them of funding deadline at end of November or before)
  2. distribute questionnaire to partners.
  3. request letters of support from partners.

Grant Applications - Small initial grants

  1. Local Councillors (waiting to hear w.r.t. initial enquiry) (not available)
  2. Primrose Centre (waiting to hear after trustees' meeting)
  3. Church Building Fund (waiting to hear from Revd. Daniel Ramble re support from Deanery; PCC minute required?)
  4. Greater Manchester Churches' Preservation Society (waiting to hear end of February)

Grant Applications - Big grants

  1. Charity Service immediately. up to £3,000 - probably £1,000.
  2. Reaching Communities a.s.a.p.
  3. Suez application deadline: 29 November 2023
  4. Register for Stage 1 with Valencia Then apply for stage 2 for up to £100,000 Application deadline: end of January 2023
  5. Garfield Weston usually 10% (max £30k); quotes no more than 3 months old. 30% required before applying.
  6. Benefact Trust - Building Improvement Grants when we have 30% of total cost raised (not including vat reclaim). Can include architects' fees.
  7. National Churches Trust - Medium Grant when we have already raised at least 50% of costs of one phase.
  8. Listed Places of Worship for 20% vat reclaim.